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Counseling Basics Course

16th February - 4th March, 2017

Basic counseling skills: Empathy, exploration, feedback, affirmation, challenge, etc. Group dynamics, Growth groups, support groups; Group sharing on relevant topics in priestly ministry: Prayer, liturgy, pastoral work, self-sustenance, dependants, celibacy, transfers, relationships, Dream work, Anger Management, evaluation, recollection.





Msgr. Gervase Mukasa
Fr. Simon Peter Kyambadde
Fr. Stephen Onyeba
Fr. Paul Lumala

Course fee 

UGX  170,000/-

Whether they want it or not, whether they are trained or not, somehow priests are required constantly to do counseling work by the nature of their vocation.

The following are some of the benefits of the course:

•    Deepening of self-awareness, in particular greater awareness of one’s feelings and ability to deal with them
•    Learning basic counseling skills including,
•    Improvement of relationships
•    Acquire conflict management skills e.g. listening, empathy, exploration, self-disclosure, summarizing, paraphrasing, constructive criticism, dealing with reluctant and resistant clients, dealing with transference
•    Ability to counsel individuals
•    Ability to develop and facilitate support groups
•    Profit from Group Therapy and be equipped with skills of how to start and run Growth Groups
•    Exchange of experience on selected topics including prayer, liturgy, pastoral work, self-sustenance, caring for dependents, celibacy, transfers, relationships, etc.