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Computer Basics

2nd - 21st October, 2017

Basic features of Microsoft Office, Windows basics and file management. Familiarity with Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Email, Internet basics, Social media. Usefulness of the computer and internet in the pastoral ministry today, Taking care of computer soft and hardware, evaluation, recollection.


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Counseling Basics Course

16th February - 4th March, 2017

Basic counseling skills: Empathy, exploration, feedback, affirmation, challenge, etc. Group dynamics, Growth groups, support groups; Group sharing on relevant topics in priestly ministry: Prayer, liturgy, pastoral work, self-sustenance, dependants, celibacy, transfers, relationships, Dream work, Anger Management, evaluation, recollection.

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Comprehensive Renewal

September 3rd - 27th, 2017

Project writing management and reporting, Pontifical mission societies, Managing Stress and Burnout, Lectio Divina, Addictions and substance abuse, Growth Groups, Guidance and Counseling, Youth Ministry, Priests/Religious Relationship, Midlife Transition, Enneagram, Recollection.

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Outreach Programs

The staff of St. Augustine’s Institute is involved in giving outreach programs in the different dioceses, religious institutes and other lay organizations. Some of the inputs given in the recent past include directed and guided retreats, seminars on Sacred Liturgy, Managing Stress and Burnout, Pastoral Administration, Teachers as Role Models (given to secondary school teachers), Counseling and guidance, Priests/Religious relationships, etc.

This year the Uganda Episcopal Conference approved a proposal made by St. Augustine Institute staff, of an outreach program due to the following reasons:

  1. Whereas a residential course may receive one or two priests attending from a particular diocese, and whereas most of the dioceses do not sent candidates at all, an outreach program to a particular diocese given on the occasion of a diocesan gathering of the clergy may reach as many as fifty priests at once.
  2. During the giving of outreach inputs we have the opportunity to directly speak to the priests in the various dioceses and to give them first-hand information about the programs offered at St. Augustine’s institute, in the hope of wooing them to attending them in the future. We will also carry booking forms which we bring back at the institute and remind the priests at appropriate times.
  3. Outreach inputs will last only one day, so we can give a number of them in the year. If fact by dividing ourselves out we can reach all the dioceses in the country within one year.
  4. The outreach program is not a substitute but a complement to the residential courses but a supplement which is at the same time intended to promote the former.
  5. The whole design of the outreach program is meant to enrich the pastoral agents with the rich treasure of contemporary papal teaching on present-day issues which every evangelizer cannot afford to be ignorant about.


30 Day Ignatian Retreat

18th April - 20th May, 2017

Ignatian Directed Retreat: 4-5 “prayer periods” of at least 45 minutes each day, one daily session with a Director, individual leisure time and sport, Eucharist, Holy Hour, and an opportunity for the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

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25 Year Classmates Reunion

19th - 29th June, 2017

Usually Christian communities celebrate with their priests the occasion of 25 years of priestly ministry. However, this is usually done for individual priests in their respective dioceses, parishes and institutions. At St. Augustine's Institute priests are offered a chance to meet as classmates of the 19 dioceses of the country, celebrating their silver jubilee. This gives them a chance in enriching ways that would otherwise not be possible among their Christians: 

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New Evangelization

7th - 15th July 2017

Union with Christ as a Basis of Evangelization, Prayer, Papal documents, African synodal documents, Pontifical Council for Promoting Evangelization, challenges in the Church in Uganda today: Islam, witchcraft, secularization,

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