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  • Silver Jubilarians
  • Group Counseling
  • Pastoral Software course
  • Church Land Management course

Computer Basics

October 3rd – 22nd 2016

Basic features of Microsoft Office, Windows basics and file management. Familiarity with Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Email, Internet basics, Social media. Usefulness of the computer and internet in the pastoral ministry today, Taking care of computer soft and hardware, evaluation, recollection.

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Guidance & Counseling

March 1st – 18th  2016

Basic counseling skills: Empathy, exploration, feedback, affirmation, challenge, etc. Group dynamics, Growth groups, support groups; Group sharing on relevant topics in priestly ministry: Prayer, liturgy, pastoral work, self-sustenance, dependants, celibacy, transfers, relationships, Dream work, Anger Management, evaluation, recollection.

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Comprehensive Renewal

September 4th – 28th 2016

Project writing management and reporting, Pontifical mission societies, Managing Stress and Burnout, Lectio Divina, Addictions and substance abuse, Growth Groups, Guidance and Counseling, Youth Ministry, Priests/Religious Relationship, Midlife Transition, Enneagram, Recollection.

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homepicSt. Augustine’s Institute, established in 2000 by the Uganda Episcopal Conference for the ongoing formation of diocesan priests, formerly extended its on-going formation program to religious Congregations in 2013.


"Shepherds after my own heart" (Jeremiah 3:15).


To be instruments in God's hands as he carries out his promise of sending to his people shepherds after his own heart who will shepherd them wisely and prudently. 


To engage pastoral agents in their effort to become more configured to Christ the Good Shepherd, and to expose them to programs that equip them with the necessary awareness and skills to meet the present pastoral challenges in their places of ministry.

2016 Courses
In 2016 the following are the planned courses: 1) A 30-day Ignatian retreat, 2) A course in New Evangelization, 3) Counseling and Guidances, 4) 25 Year Classmates Reunion, 5) Sign Language Stage I, 6) Sign Language Stage II, 7) Comprehensive Renewal Course, 8) Computer Basics.

All the courses given aim to give a comprehensive ongoing formation for diocesan priests and other pastoral agents: their renewal of commitment to Jesus and to the ministry he assigned them, improvement of relationships with authority, with co-workers and with the flock, adaptation of new skills for doing pastoral ministry, rest and relaxation for the participants, and provision of meeting with fellow workers in the Lord’s vineyard and exchange of experience.

30 Day Ignatian Retreat

March 30th – April 30th 2016

Ignatian Directed Retreat: 4-5 “prayer periods” of at least 45 minutes each day, one daily session with a Director, individual leisure time and sport, Eucharist, Holy Hour, and an opportunity for the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

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25 Year Classmates Reunion

May 9th – 17th 2016

Group sharing on various themes: how you chose to become a priest, souvenir text you used, favorite biblical texts, transfers,  joys and sorrows of ministry, relationships, hobbies, plans for future classmates reunions.

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New Evangelization

January 10th – 16th  2016

Union with Christ as a Basis of Evangelization, Prayer, Papal documents, African synodal documents, Pontifical Council for Promoting Evangelization, challenges in the Church in Uganda today: Islam, witchcraft, secularization,

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